Existing business consultancy

Combat sports gyms and martial arts academies are very specific businesses, and although for many it seems to be an easy thing to start, it also brings along the risk of failing to establish profitable enterprise.  The growing popularity of UFC has created suitable conditions for martial arts gyms around the world, but when copying the American business models in countries with different economic and commercial environment, certain risks must be mitigated and the opinion of experts in the industry can prove to be very valuable.

If you are running a martial arts gym and you are having difficulties in any area of the business, consulting with someone who has experience in diverse markets can help you understand the reasons behind the struggle.

This bundle offers up to 1 free of charge 60 min consultation, that will help identify the required support and the value of my input. Based on that I will create a custom package that fits the budget of the client and may include any of the bundle services.