Consulting and Support

Athlete Management

Looking for someone who will protect your interests and help you build a successful fighting career? I have spent 18 years as a professional fighter, and worked as a promoter and organizer for many events, so I know what it feels like. I will offer advices that can help you increase your chances of building a career in this industry, without taking the massive percentage cuts that fighter managers take.

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Event Management Consultancy

Offering expertise on every aspect of the sports events management spectrum, including brand building and venue organization. Support in developing sports exhibitions, seminars, workshops and media events, by evaluating the various aspects of the operational needs, cost to benefit analysis, digital solutions implementation, media coverage and strategic partners and their effects on long term objectives.

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Existing business consultancy

Providing evaluation of existing operational and financial systems and consulting on possible improvements in the areas with objective to increase their effectiveness. Assessment on digital marketing strategies, market share and potential for expansion. Developing plans for resource optimization and utilization for achieving maximized results.

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