Event Management Consultancy

Organizing events is the fun part of the business and one that brings special satisfaction for the people involved in it. Events typically carry different objectives, and trying to accomplish them can sometimes be challenging, which is why using the services of a specialist can be very useful. Event management companies can be expensive and will not always focus on the same targets as the organizer’s intent.

With experience in organizing events in more than 15 countries on 4 continents, I can provide valuable recommendations on the complete events management spectrum.

This package includes 1 free consultation of 60min aimed at getting familiar with the event objectives and proposing possible paths for consultation. If you are confident in my potential positive impact, a customized offer will be prepared based on the specific areas in which my assistance will be required. They may include any or all of the bundle listed services, operational support, recruitment assistance and even active “on the ground” engagement during the event. My expertise in operational systems optimization, team management and military style leadership has transformed many events in the combat sports industry.

A point to remember – my objective is client satisfaction, so I price low and deliver high.

Building a brand is a complex, lengthy process, that requires wide range of competencies in the fields of marketing, consumer psychology, behavioral economics and many other. Consulting a client on brand building is a longer-term commitment.

This bundle offers 1 free of charge 60min consultation, that will help identify the required services and the value of my input.

My custom offer will be based on the volume of work needed and the duration of the project.

Having lived outside my home country for over 15 years, and worked with teams in various countries, my understanding of cultural differences, language barriers and building multinational teams gives me a cutting edge competative advantage.

100% money back guarantee.